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Generated: 6/23/2018 06:29

Bettinelli Upper Range Hilltop Receiver
Ping Monitor
State Attempts Failures Success Up Time Rate Last Polled   Stats Cleared
 OK 78016 167 77849 99.7859% 6/23/2018 06:29   11/9/2016 06:44

Device Information
Parent   zz Bettinelli Upper Range AP
Name   Bettinelli Upper Range Hilltop Receiver
Description   Ping Monitor
Managing Host   DC2TWL02
Frequency   0 of 1
Time In State   187:23:14:56
Last Attempt   6/23/2018 06:29
Last Failure   12/17/2017 07:03
Last Success   6/23/2018 06:29
Resume Date  
Last Result Info   Response Time: 13ms
Notes   Notes:
10-30-2006 @ 17:09:06Converted from V4 to V5
Computer: XPSERVER
User: Mark Rodnick

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